Bathroom Makeover v’s Total Renovation?

Total Bathroom Renovation Versus Makeover/Facelift

When thinking about updating your bathroom, there are generally two options – makeover/facelift or total bathroom renovation. Both are worthy of investigation, but it pays to be realistic about what you can achieve with each option. What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Bathroom Makeover/Facelift

  • A bathroom makeover is a cheaper option
  • It should take less time to complete
  • Doesn’t require specialised tradespeople
  • Your old bathroom is still available for use whilst makeover is taking place

Unfortunately a bathroom makeover won’t address any underlying bathroom issues, such as leaky shower or sub floor water damage. There is no guarantee for work completed. As the total cost is below $10,000, the work won’t be covered by a guarantee. A bathroom makeover will not add any significant value to your property. It will be obvious that it is a makeover, not a total renovation.

Total Bathroom Renovation

A total bathroom renovation changes the total look of your bathroom. It moves your bathroom from ‘old’ to ‘new’. All work is guaranteed for 6 years and a Certificate of Insurance is issued. Qualified and specialist tradespeople complete each aspect of the renovation process, including carpentry, plumbing, electrics, cabinetry and waterproofing. ‘Starting from scratch’, means that you can design and fit out the space to suit your needs and preferences. Your fittings and fixtures are up to date and match the new room.

BRM Bathrooms can order and supply all fittings and fixtures from our regular suppliers, at trade price. When we organise fittings and fixtures, it ensures that they are suitable for the application and ready when required. Our Project Manager coordinates the various tradespeople, allowing the renovation to proceed in a timely and efficient manner. You are not left waiting on the availability of tradespeople and hoping that they will turn up when required.

A total bathroom renovation will stand both the test of time and the test of potential buyers. A bathroom makeover will always look like a makeover, whilst a total bathroom renovation will provide a fresh, modern, new bathroom that you will be happy with for years to come.