To bath or not to bath that is the question …….

Rest assured, we are not discussing hygiene and cleanliness, just the pros and cons for retaining or including a bath in your bathroom renovation. Is a bath a necessary inclusion in the bathroom or a redundant fixture from bygone years?


A prime consideration is the available space. Removing the bath from a small bathroom will visually increase the space of the room. A boxed-in bath can make the room look small and cramped. If you have the available space, including a bath is a sensible option. A larger bathroom can appear empty without a bath. You don’t want a big hollow bathroom. A beautiful free-standing bath adds a look of luxury to the bathroom.


Leaving out the bath can provide the space for the inclusion of features such as double vanities and larger walk-in shower with fixed glass panel. This design creates a look of luxury, but would also suit those with mobility issues.


Design needs to match function. Who is going to use the bathroom? What do they prefer? If you have small children you will probably try and retain a bath. If you have a family member who prefers a bath to a shower you will want to retain the bath. If your preference is for a more spacious bathroom with walk-in showers and double vanities, then the bath may have to go to allow for these features.


Baths do require cleaning. If you are not a fan of bathroom cleaning, then this may influence your decision. A bath will collect dust and require cleaning. Walk in showers are super easy to clean. No reaching over or needing to step into the bath to clean.



Bath or no bath, an unappealing bathroom can be an instant turnoff. While a bath does have resale appeal, a bathroom without a bath can still be just as enticing to buyers if the room is well presented, functional and includes modern fittings and fixtures. Part of the attraction for potential buyers can be the size of the bathroom. A bathroom can appear larger without a bath. If, however, you are thinking of selling in the near future and the sale is likely to attract family interest then you need to consider retaining a bath.