Shower: Design and Renovation

Designing, tiling and fitting out your shower area is an important part of any bathroom renovation.


Select your screen to match the available space, layout and budget.

  • Panel
  • Fully enclosed semi-frameless
  • 10mm fully frameless

BRM chooses to partner with Precision Shower Screens. Screens are custom-made to fit your shower area. The measure up is completed after the tiling stage.



A niche is a shelf built into the wall cavity of the recess. Niches have become increasingly popular as they look good and provide storage for some of your bathroom products. The niche is fully water-proofed and usually tiled in the same way. Alternatively, you may choose a contrasting style of tile to make the niche a feature of the area. The niche needs to be built before the tiling stage of the bathroom renovation. The total cost of including a professionally constructed niche in your bathroom renovation will be around $400.

Fittings and Fixtures

Choose your fixtures to match your style, needs and budget.  All products used in our renovations are provided at trade prices.


Again, there are many choices. A stainless- steel channel drain runs at the rear of the shower. A Smart Tile sits at the centre.


The floor and walls are fully waterproofed, using a painted on waterproof membrane. BRM uses a specialist waterproofing company to complete the work. A Statement of Waterproofing Compliance is issued.


Tiling is a key feature of the bathroom. Both the floor and the walls are tiled. Create a statement by choosing different tiles for the base and walls. Large tiles are popular as they require less grouting and are easier to clean. You may choose a feature tile to add a wow factor to the area.