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Why You Should Consider a Rimless Toilet

New in Toilet Design Rimless toilets are relatively new in toilet design. They are likely to become increasingly popular over the next few years. A rimless toilet is exactly as its name implies, a toilet without a rim at the top of the bowl. Not having a rim on the toilet can make a significant […]

Shower: Design and Renovation

Designing, tiling and fitting out your shower area is an important part of any bathroom renovation. Screens Select your screen to match the available space, layout and budget. Panel Fully enclosed semi-frameless 10mm fully frameless BRM chooses to partner with Precision Shower Screens. Screens are custom-made to fit your shower area. The measure up is completed […]

Getting Started on Your Bathroom Renovation

Specialist Trades A bathroom renovation requires more specialist tradespeople than any other room renovation in your house. Organising the correct sequence of the trades is vital to the smooth completion and quality of the renovation. Plumbing and electrical work must be completed by a licensed tradie. Waterproofing needs to meet Australian Standards and is also […]

Bathroom Renovation: Why Choose a Specialist?

A bathroom renovation is one of the toughest renovations and involves significant financial outlay. When you contract an experienced and reputable bathroom builder, you can bring your bathroom dream to life. You have the assurance that all work is guaranteed and completed to a high standard. Why Not Manage the Project Yourself? Choosing to manage […]

Bathroom Renovation: What are the Basics?

Thinking of bathroom renovation? Are you bombarded with bathroom inspiration, choices, ideas and images all telling you what you need to create your perfect bathroom? When planning for a bathroom renovation, it is important to keep in mind both the aesthetics and the function of the space. At Bathrooms Renovations Melbourne we strive to create […]

Bathroom Tradespeople

Who is involved? A total bathroom renovation involves many trades and lots of ‘know-how’ and not the best place to begin your DIY journey. All trades work needs to be completed in the correct sequence, vital to the smooth completion and quality of the renovation. At Bathroom Renovations Melbourne we oversee all aspects of the […]