Average Cost to Tile a Bathroom

To tile a bathroom as part of a total bathroom renovation with BRM is around $1 800 – $2 000.  This figure is based on laying approximately 15 square metres of tiles and includes waterproofing and floor preparation. The total cost will depend on the type of tile chosen. Standard white ceramic wall tiles (600 x 300mm) may cost between $20-$30 per square metre. Floor tiles are generally more expensive, starting from around $35 per square metre for ceramic or porcelain tiles and $100 per square metre for high quality porcelain or natural stone tiles. Many clients choose to tile to the ceiling which adds to both cost of tiles and the tile laying cost. The total tiling area can double in size.


Tiling has become a popular DIY task, which people assume they can do without much preparation or experience. However, there are many considerations that are required if you are going to get quality tiling results. Bathroom tiling is crucial to the functionality, look and longevity of your bathroom. Tiling can make or break a bathroom renovation. Making a small saving in the short term can be very costly in the long term. Many ongoing bathroom maintenance problems can link to poor tiling by an unskilled tiler. In trying to make a saving people may employ a general trades person to complete a highly specialised job. To achieve the bathroom tiling result you desire, requires the skill and experience of a professional tile layer.

A novice or untrained trades person can make many mistakes during tile installation, including:

  • Unprepared surfaces
  • Insufficient planning and not allowing for wastage
  • Using the wrong adhesive
  • Improper sealing
  • Grouting unevenly or too quickly

BRM uses highly skilled tilers. All tiling work is completed as part of a total bathroom renovation. Tiling is completed towards the end of the renovation, once all other structural and preparatory work has been done. Tiling workmanship along with all other workmanship is guaranteed for 6 years. The tiler works in closely with the other tradespeople ensuring efficient and quality completion of the tiling as part of the overall renovation process. BRM’s use of specialised tradespeople such as tilers guarantees that important requirements are met, your tiling looks good and your bathroom will stand the test of time.