ROI of a Small Bathroom Renovation

small bath remodelWhether the home is going on the market in six years, six months, six weeks or never, a highly desirable result of any home improvement project is to increase the value of the home.  There are a number of great remodeling projects that can be done; however, a small bathroom renovation can be among the most valuable as it relates to the average resale value of a home.

If the primary outcome of the bathroom renovation project is to increase the resale value of the home, it is essential that the project is planned accordingly.  Several improvements are there that are known to significantly contribute to increasing the resale value and concentrating on those could maximize the impact of the project.   Below are some of these improvements.

Bathroom Upgrades

• Putting a Jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom can be a valuable renovation project.  These tubs are delightful places to unwind and their mere presence could add elegance and luxury to any space into which they are placed.  Best of all, bargain hunting can help to make this addition to the bathroom an affordable one.

• A steam shower could also be a luxurious addition.  Steam showers can add charm and elegance to any space.  A steam shower is quite relaxing and appealing to potential buyers, especially those who would like to unwind after a long, hard day of work.  Some steam shower installations include modern touches such as aromatherapy machines, MP3 players and built in radios.

• Installing an exceptional shower enclosure can also add value to the home and greatly enhance the appeal of the bathroom.  There are many beautiful shower enclosures available in lots of different sizes and shapes that can add a “wow” factor to any space.  Having one of these distinctive shower enclosures installed can perk up any bathroom.

Re-tiling the Bathroom

Simply re-tiling the shower can transform even the ugliest bathroom.  Putting in a new set of tiles into the bathroom could have a remarkable impact on the value of the property.  There are a number of magnificent tile designs that can be used to greatly improve the look and feel of the space.  Simply changing the style or color of the tile in the bathroom could be a quite effective and a rather inexpensive way of redesigning the bathroom.

Upping the Functionality Factor

Installing double sinks is another extremely effective bathroom renovation project when it comes to practicality and adding value to the home.   Adding a vanity with double sinks will instantly double its functionality by enabling two individuals to get ready at the same time to start or end their day.  Busy schedules make the installation of double sinks very valuable as they save both time and frustration.

Before going forward with any bathroom renovation plan, it is important to hire a professional and experienced renovation company to ensure that the space will have a unified look and atmosphere.  To maximize property value, it is essential that the colors, designs and styles chosen for the renovation project will complement each other and fit in with the design of the rest of the home.

A professional bathroom renovation company will consult with the homeowner to come up with a single theme for the space, whether it is classic, contemporary, antique or modern, and continue with that theme for every part of the project.  The professional will take the time to settle on a theme and this will make the project less of a hassle and much easier to complete.  A cohesive atmosphere will put forth a more attractive picture and give a good ROI of a small bathroom renovation as a result.