Bathroom Design Tips


Bathroom Design

Good bathroom design considers functionality as well as aesthetics. Whilst many of our clients have a clear picture of design and fittings, others are looking for direction, ideas and possibilities. At BRM we listen closely to the needs and ideas of our clients to create a bathroom design that you will be happy with for many years. Your existing bathroom layout need not limit what is possible for your new bathroom. Most ideas can be incorporated into your new bathroom design. Some bathroom designs, however, will look better and stand the test of functionality and time.


Good bathroom design positions the vanity away from the window. A full height mirror can then be included. The vanity is a key feature of the bathroom design and should be the first thing that you see when you enter the bathroom. The toilet should not be the first thing that is seen when you enter the bathroom. The toilet may be situated behind a door or to the side of the bathroom.

Light and Ventilation

Some form of ventilation is essential in a bathroom. If there is no natural ventilation then an exhaust fan needs to be installed, usually in the ceiling. An operable window provides light and ventilation to your bathroom design. A skylight feature can also provide natural light and ventilation.


A well-designed bathroom makes good use of the available space. A wall hung vanity or a wall hung toilet can give the impression of more space. Bathroom design which includes large floor to ceiling tiles will create a feeling of space and openness. Choosing large tiles also means less cleaning as they have less grout. Selecting light coloured tiles for the wall with a contrasting floor tile can create an effective and timeless bathroom design feature.


A bath can readily be incorporated into the bathroom design if there is sufficient space available. Free-standing baths can be very effective in a large bathroom. An ensuite will rarely have enough space for a separate bath. Including a shower over a bath, crowds the bathroom design and can create a safety concern.


The inclusion of a shower or bath niche in the bathroom provides a space to store items without the need for a protruding and less attractive shelf. Vanity design can also include cupboards or shelves for the storage of towels and toiletries.

Colour Schemes

Your bathroom colour choices should include no more than three colours. If the bathroom is small, it may be better to use only two main colours. Light colours and neutrals will give the impression of space. In designing your bathroom, give thought to how your colour choices will work with those in adjacent rooms and how they complement the style and design of your home.

Bathroom Fittings

There are a huge range of products and fittings available. Your choice will depend largely on your individual taste, functionality and budget. You don’t have to choose the most expensive fittings to achieve a great looking and workable bathroom design.

Creating a new bathroom is an exciting process. At BRM, we want to share our knowledge and skills gained from years of experience to help you to achieve a bathroom design that will look great and serve you well for many years.


Average Cost to Tile a Bathroom

To tile a bathroom as part of a total bathroom renovation with BRM is around $1 800 – $2 000.  This figure is based on laying approximately 15 square metres of tiles and includes waterproofing and floor preparation. The total cost will depend on the type of tile chosen. Standard white ceramic wall tiles (600 x 300mm) may cost between $20-$30 per square metre. Floor tiles are generally more expensive, starting from around $35 per square metre for ceramic or porcelain tiles and $100 per square metre for high quality porcelain or natural stone tiles. Many clients choose to tile to the ceiling which adds to both cost of tiles and the tile laying cost. The total tiling area can double in size.


Tiling has become a popular DIY task, which people assume they can do without much preparation or experience. However, there are many considerations that are required if you are going to get quality tiling results. Bathroom tiling is crucial to the functionality, look and longevity of your bathroom. Tiling can make or break a bathroom renovation. Making a small saving in the short term can be very costly in the long term. Many ongoing bathroom maintenance problems can link to poor tiling by an unskilled tiler. In trying to make a saving people may employ a general trades person to complete a highly specialised job. To achieve the bathroom tiling result you desire, requires the skill and experience of a professional tile layer.

A novice or untrained trades person can make many mistakes during tile installation, including:

  • Unprepared surfaces
  • Insufficient planning and not allowing for wastage
  • Using the wrong adhesive
  • Improper sealing
  • Grouting unevenly or too quickly

BRM uses highly skilled tilers. All tiling work is completed as part of a total bathroom renovation. Tiling is completed towards the end of the renovation, once all other structural and preparatory work has been done. Tiling workmanship along with all other workmanship is guaranteed for 6 years. The tiler works in closely with the other tradespeople ensuring efficient and quality completion of the tiling as part of the overall renovation process. BRM’s use of specialised tradespeople such as tilers guarantees that important requirements are met, your tiling looks good and your bathroom will stand the test of time.

There are a lot of new ways calculate the cost now a days. You can use the latest laptop to install different software for this purpose. That are used to calculate the cost of any kind of material.

Bathroom Renovations Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

BRM Pty has been completing bathroom renovations in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and many other suburbs for over 30 years.  During this time we have gained a wealth of experience in this specialised field of renovation.  If your home in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne is more than 15 years old, there is great value in looking at updating the bathroom. Your old bathroom is likely to have leaks, cracked tiles and tiles falling off. The design may be inefficient and unattractive. The colour scheme and fittings are usually very dated. Most older bathrooms cry out for renovation.

Our bathroom renovations respond to the specific needs of our clientele, transforming your old and tired bathroom into a room that you will be proud of and want to spend time in. You can add significant value to your Eastern suburbs Melbourne home through renovating your bathroom, enjoying the benefits of your new bathroom yourself, or increasing the appeal to a potential buyer. The quality and design of the bathroom is critical in the purchase of a property.

Your new bathroom could include the following modern design elements and fittings:

  • Tiling to the ceiling
  • Frameless shower screens
  • Mixer taps
  • Open layout
  • Wall hung toilet suite
  • Wall- faced toilet with no plumbing showing
  • Dual shower roses
  • Double vanity basins with Caesarstone bench tops
  • Semi recessed basins, counter mounted basins, under counter basins
  • Glass brick windows
  • Window replacements
  • Under floor heating
  • IXL Fanlight heating units
  • Heated towel rails
  • Wall niches
  • Free standing baths
  • Stepless showers
  • Tiled drains and stainless steel drains

BRM completes many combination ensuite and bathroom renovations. Completing both the main bathroom and ensuite at the same time provides continuity of design, cost saving and effective use of the specialised tradespeople whilst they are on site. The bathroom and ensuite complement each other and add significantly to the overall look and appeal of your home. Why not enjoy the benefits of a new renovated bathroom and ensuite sooner rather than later?

Average Cost to Renovate a Small Bathroom

Average Cost to Renovate a Small Bathroom

Most people will have had no previous experience with a bathroom renovation, therefore having information about the process, the costs involved and knowing the right questions to ask can put you in a much stronger position when making decisions about renovating this key room or rooms in your house.

Regardless of the size of the bathroom or ensuite, there are a number of integral components to the strip out and renovation process which will contribute to the final cost. These include:

  • Labour costs – A professional bathroom renovation requires the use of qualified and specialised tradespeople (carpenter, plumber, tiler, electrician). Using a specialised bathroom company such as BRM Pty Ltd means that your renovation is guaranteed for workmanship for 6 years and you are issued with certificates of compliance for the plumbing and electrical work.
  • Tiling – this is a significant component of the overall costs involved. Many clients now choose to tile from the floor to the ceiling. This creates a sleek and clean look, however, it adds significantly to the total cost. The size and type of tile (porcelain, ceramic, square edge, mosaic) can also impact the cost as some tiles are more difficult to lay.
  • Fittings – these include tapware, vanity, shower rose, bath, towel rails, toilet, shower screen. There is enormous variation in the costs of fittings. BRM clients choose their own fittings, sourced and provided at cost price. Alternately the client can choose to source and provide their own fittings. It is important to keep in mind that mid-range fittings can still provide you with a modern and expensive look to your renovation, without blowing the budget.

Is the cost significantly less for renovating a smaller bathroom?

Whilst your bathroom may be smaller in terms of overall dimensions, the costs of labour, tiling and fittings remain constant. Savings can be made with regard to choice of fittings and type and amount of tiling.

Why not complete the renovation myself or employ general tradespeople to complete the work?

This may seem like the best way to achieve a saving, however, it is less likely to achieve the desired result and could leave you in the position of having a partially completed renovation that no specialised bathroom company will want to take on. BRM Pty Ltd as a specialised bathroom completes all parts of the process from strip out to completion, guaranteeing all aspects of workmanship. The tradespeople we use, specialise in bathroom renovations and work closely together to complete the work efficiently and to a high standard.

How long does a bathroom renovation take to complete?

The average length of time from strip out to final completion is between 3-4 weeks. Completion time can be affected by such factors as amount and speciality of tiling, availability of fittings and client variations to the initial choices and plans. As BRM’s Project Manager is also the builder, he is on site overseeing all stages of the renovation and ensuring that all facets of the renovation proceed smoothly.



ROI of a Small Bathroom Renovation

small bath remodelWhether the home is going on the market in six years, six months, six weeks or never, a highly desirable result of any home improvement project is to increase the value of the home.  There are a number of great remodeling projects that can be done; however, a small bathroom renovation can be among the most valuable as it relates to the average resale value of a home.

If the primary outcome of the bathroom renovation project is to increase the resale value of the home, it is essential that the project is planned accordingly.  Several improvements are there that are known to significantly contribute to increasing the resale value and concentrating on those could maximize the impact of the project.   Below are some of these improvements.

Bathroom Upgrades

• Putting a Jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom can be a valuable renovation project.  These tubs are delightful places to unwind and their mere presence could add elegance and luxury to any space into which they are placed.  Best of all, bargain hunting can help to make this addition to the bathroom an affordable one.

• A steam shower could also be a luxurious addition.  Steam showers can add charm and elegance to any space.  A steam shower is quite relaxing and appealing to potential buyers, especially those who would like to unwind after a long, hard day of work.  Some steam shower installations include modern touches such as aromatherapy machines, MP3 players and built in radios.

• Installing an exceptional shower enclosure can also add value to the home and greatly enhance the appeal of the bathroom.  There are many beautiful shower enclosures available in lots of different sizes and shapes that can add a “wow” factor to any space.  Having one of these distinctive shower enclosures installed can perk up any bathroom.

Re-tiling the Bathroom

Simply re-tiling the shower can transform even the ugliest bathroom.  Putting in a new set of tiles into the bathroom could have a remarkable impact on the value of the property.  There are a number of magnificent tile designs that can be used to greatly improve the look and feel of the space.  Simply changing the style or color of the tile in the bathroom could be a quite effective and a rather inexpensive way of redesigning the bathroom.

Upping the Functionality Factor

Installing double sinks is another extremely effective bathroom renovation project when it comes to practicality and adding value to the home.   Adding a vanity with double sinks will instantly double its functionality by enabling two individuals to get ready at the same time to start or end their day.  Busy schedules make the installation of double sinks very valuable as they save both time and frustration.

Before going forward with any bathroom renovation plan, it is important to hire a professional and experienced renovation company to ensure that the space will have a unified look and atmosphere.  To maximize property value, it is essential that the colors, designs and styles chosen for the renovation project will complement each other and fit in with the design of the rest of the home.

A professional bathroom renovation company will consult with the homeowner to come up with a single theme for the space, whether it is classic, contemporary, antique or modern, and continue with that theme for every part of the project.  The professional will take the time to settle on a theme and this will make the project less of a hassle and much easier to complete.  A cohesive atmosphere will put forth a more attractive picture and give a good ROI of a small bathroom renovation as a result.

How Long will my Bathroom Renovation Take?

Getting any work done in your house can be a major inconvenience. A bathroom renovation is no different. Things are made worse with the number of people in the household. Adults trying to get ready for work. Children slowly getting ready for school, and lets not get started on teenagers!!

It is therefore not uncommon for a person to ask how long their new bathroom will take to construct. How much of an inconvenience will it be to the running of the household?

In some ways, this is like asking how long is a piece of string. It can depend upon a number of factors, such as the size of the renovation, the amount of materials that need to be removed from the old bathroom, access to the work area, and the skill and ability of the tradesmen. This last point is what can separate a good bathroom company from a bad bathroom company.

BRM Bathroom Renovations is one of those higher quality companies that will complete the job in the shortest time possible. BRM does not run numerous jobs at a time, and can therefore concentrate solely on yours. All their tradesmen are experts in their field and this ensures not only quality work, but speedy work.

That’s great….but how long?

Most bathrooms should take 3-4 weeks to complete. Again, this depends upon a number of factors and if you arrange for a quote, you can ask for a more accurate time-frame for your job.