How to Keep Bathroom Renovation Costs Down

If there’s one thing a bathroom in need of renovation will be; it’s obvious. From mould and decaying silicone, right through to crumbling grout and even leaks – if now’s the time for a bathroom reno project, you’ll likely have a particular aspect on your mind and that’s the cost. As a home owner, you’ve undoubtedly realised that your worst enemy is also the most important resource to sustain life; water.

Anywhere where water is consistent, damage, loss of functionality and poor aesthetics could soon follow. For anyone keen to learn how to keep bathroom renovation costs down, you’re in the right place – in fact, that’s exactly what this article is intended to help you with.

So, where should you start?

How tempting can it be to jump in at the deep end and overhaul absolutely everything in the bathroom? If you’ve spotted an issue with damp, surely it makes sense to re-tile everything, right? No, not even slightly. This is a common mistake that could add hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to your renovation bill.

Instead, why not hone in on the specific features and functions that might need addressing? Other elements in the bathroom could be touched up with a fresh coat of paint, or given a new line of silicone to restore a gleaming white – but if you’re not careful, you could end up revamping everything to the detriment of your wallet.

Functionality is key

Do you have a particular tap fitting that might be old and worn, but still functions as well as it did from day one? Maybe your chrome shower head looks a little worse for wear? Have you spotted creeping damp in the corner of your bathroom? The bottom line is this – if you can restore functionality, you could save yourself money.

For instance, chrome cleaning products can remove even the most stubborn appearance of rust, or alternatively a cheap aluminium coloured spray could be all that it takes to recoat those fittings and get them looking brand new. Mould on the other hand might need to be addressed at the source, but did you know that you can KILL the bacteria and STOP it from spreading by using something with chlorine? Any amount of chlorine will fight the mould and can be sprayed and wiped for the best results.

And things don’t just have to stop at fittings either; your bath could be touched up with a relatively cheap re-enamelling kit which could be painted on or sprayed using an airbrush (for smoother results). Many home owners have found themselves throwing out their old tubs when they could have continued to use them for years, so don’t be afraid to repair instead of replace when looking to save money.

Bonus tip – you could even consider selling any second hand items online to get some cash back, as many businesses and DIY’ers will be willing to buy these types of products, restore their functionality and then sell them back on. 

Work with what you have 

When your home was constructed, the chances are that the plumbing fixtures were aligned and installed in the most convenient of places. Trying to move them can be costly; especially if your contractors need to lift, remove and refit pipes, tiles and flooring. Instead, try to work with what you have and leave these ‘permanent’ fixtures where they are to save cash.

Materials can be cheaper if you know where to look

If you’ve found some workable materials, the chances are that the supplier won’t be the only one able to help. By getting to know what other providers in the area have, you could compare your options and hone in on a more appealing alternative. Although many renovation companies will source their own materials; the majority won’t have any issue if you get hold of them yourself and allow their experts to take care of the assembly/installation on your behalf.

Online websites like eBay can boast some of the lowest prices for materials, or you could visit a wholesaler instead as these premises will often stock their products in larger quantities; allowing you to save money by buying directly from their range.

Don’t be afraid of getting your hands dirty

Sure, hiring a team of specialists can certainly be the most advisable way to go – but you could save yourself some extra cash by taking care of the lesser tasks involved in your renovation. For instance, if your toilet bowl has suffered with stains over the years, why not buy an industrial grade cleaning agent to lift those marks and avoid having a brand new toilet installed?

As long as you leave the obligatory work to the licensed experts (such as waterproofing, electrical systems and so on), you’ll be free to clean, paint and generally modify to your heart’s content.

When trying to save money on your bathroom renovation, the most important rule of thumb is to see what you can live with, what can be worked with and what needs replacing entirely. Combine those considerations with a helpful team of renovation specialists and you could save yourself a small fortune.