Bathroom Windows

Bathroom windows provide natural light and a feeling of openness. They link the outside elements to your inside bathroom décor. Bathroom windows allow you to take advantage of the available light and surroundings. Fortunately, you don’t need to forego your privacy to take advantage of windows in your bathroom. You can enjoy the light and views without oversharing with your neighbours.


Large windows can be used to create a modern look. Placing the bath near the window provides more than just a view for the person bathing. The bath can provide a complementary or contrasting outline to the window behind. It creates a beautiful focal point in your bathroom.

  • Glass bricks have been around for a while, however, they can still work well in a bathroom, bringing in diffused natural light and adding texture.
  • A dark-framed window can provide contrast in an otherwise light bathroom.
  • Corner bathtubs are ideal for windows on two sides.



If you will need to close up your bathroom window, blinds are the best option They look good, are easy to open and allow you to still enjoy the view.

A high window is a great way to achieve natural light in your bathroom and yet maintain your privacy.

Window in Shower Area

You can have a window in a shower area as long as it is higher than the shower enclosure. The window needs to be made of safety glass and ideally have aluminium framing. It should be correctly waterproofed and tiled if it falls within the shower line.



Skylights in bathrooms are an excellent window alternative. Bathrooms are one of the best rooms in the house to use a skylight. Improved by additional natural light, bathrooms become more comfortable during daylight hours. Even when the sun has gone down, the provision of a skylight in a bathroom has a positive effect.

Larger bathrooms, that already have big windows, can still have a noticeable improvement by the addition of skylights.