Bathroom Tradespeople

Who is involved?

A total bathroom renovation involves many trades and lots of ‘know-how’ and not the best place to begin your DIY journey. All trades work needs to be completed in the correct sequence, vital to the smooth completion and quality of the renovation. At Bathroom Renovations Melbourne we oversee all aspects of the work from demolition to final fit out.

Carpenter – Builder

A total bathroom renovation starts with a full strip out of all existing fittings and fixtures, this creates a clean slate for the renovation. The bathroom space is brought back to stud and plaster walls. The builder completes any structural work, sheets the floor and later installs all the bathroom cabinetry and fittings.


The plumber completes a ‘rough in’ of plumbing and relocates pipes and fixtures if required. The plumber also completes the fit off after tiling. Plumbing work comes with a Certificate of Compliance.


The electrician relocates electrical wiring and installs new connections as required. Electrical work comes with a Certificate of Compliance.

Cabinet Maker

Our cabinet makers can create a custom-built vanity and storage areas for your bathroom. Cabinetry can also be purchased ready made.


All of our waterproofing work is completed by a specialist waterproofing company. Work is completed in accordance with Australian Standards 3740. A Statement of Waterproofing Compliance is issued.

Shower Screen Installer

Shower screens are custom made for your bathroom. The measure up is completed after the tiling stage. The shower screen is one of the last items installed.