Bathroom Specialist or DIY?

Why contract a bathroom specialist to complete your renovation?

The bathroom renovation specialist provides the added confidence and back up for all stages of the renovation process. The bathroom specialist transfers the knowledge and expertise built up over many years to each individual renovation. You can be confident that they have the skills and understandings to guide you through all stages of the process. The renovation process has been developed and refined to provide efficiency and the highest degree of quality assurance.

Bathroom renovations typically require the combined services of a number of licensed and qualified tradespersons. For a major renovation, you would need:

  • A cabinet maker
  • A carpenter
  • A plumber
  • An electrician
  • A tiler

A specialist bathroom company supplies and coordinates all these tradespeople, allowing the renovation process to proceed smoothly from the initial inquiry to final ‘fit out’. The onsite Project Manager, who is often the Registered Builder, coordinates the various trades to complete each aspect of the renovation in a timely and efficient manner. When contracting bathroom specialists, you are not left with a half-finished bathroom waiting on the availability of independent tradespeople.

Specialist bathroom companies such as BRM Pty Ltd use a Registered Building practitioner. In Victoria, the Building Practitioners Board (BPB) governs building trades. If the value of your bathroom renovation is greater than $5,000, labour and materials inclusive, the BPB requires the work to be carried out by a Registered Building Practitioner. All work completed by a Registered Building Practitioner is covered by a six and a half year, Home Owner’s Warranty.

A Registered Building Practitioner needs to comply with Australian structural standards and building codes. Waterproofing, which is a vital aspect of a wet area renovation, is completed to the Australian Standard Codes for Waterproofing. Certificates of Compliance are also provided for all plumbing and electrical work.

Whilst renovating a bathroom yourself can appear to save you considerable money, do consider the time and difficulty of the job before you decide to take the project on. A DIY bathroom has no guarantees. All the responsibility is on you. Renovating your own bathroom or choosing to employ a variety of independent contractors to complete various aspects of the work can result in a lengthy and frustrating process. There can be costly mistakes and potential safety concerns. Incorrectly completed plumbing and electrical work could put you and your family at risk.

As one of the most valuable rooms in your house, your bathroom deserves the expertise and guarantee of a renovation completed by a specialist bathroom company. A well-designed and built bathroom will serve the needs of you and your household for years to come.