Bathroom Renovations: What to Consider

What are your needs?

Renovate your bathroom with your needs and preferences in mind. Are you wanting to create a luxurious retreat? Do you need your bathroom to stand up to the robust daily use by a family? Even if you are considering selling in the future you still want your bathroom to meet your present needs. A well-designed bathroom with quality build and fixtures will stand the test of time. It will appeal to even the most discerning prospective buyer.

Set a realistic budget

The average cost of a bathroom renovation through a specialist company should be around $20 000 – $25 000. A lower quote may indicate that the work will be done by the one tradesperson. Tiling, plumbing and waterproofing require a high level of skill and compliance with legal standards. A very high quote may suggest a company with high overheads. The cost can include all the ‘bells and whistles’ that you do not need. Look out for upselling.

Bathrooms are one of the toughest renovations

The bathroom renovation process involves many trades and lots of ‘know-how’. Engage a specialist bathroom builder who can oversee the project from demolition to completion. They will organise the correct sequence of trades. This is vital to the smooth completion and quality of the renovation. Project-managing the job yourself, if you have little to no experience, will be stressful. It can be costly if you make mistakes a builder would have known to avoid.

Plumbing can be relocated with a total renovation

Many companies will advise against relocating plumbing. With a total strip-out and specialist renovation this is not a problem and does not add a great deal to the cost. Water pipes need to be reworked to suit new fixtures – like a mixer to replace taps, or a wall-hung vanity that’s replacing one on the floor. Relocating water pipes can however, present a challenge if you a renovating a bathroom in a solid brick or concrete slab house.

Select products from a specialist bathroom supplier

A specialist bathroom company has the experience and expertise to answer all your questions. The choice of bathroom fixtures and fittings is huge, therefore it helps to have a specialist to guide you in this area. All products installed in a bathroom need to be covered by Australian Standards. A plumber isn’t legally allowed to install products that do not comply with the Australian standards. Buy from specialist bathroom stores and choose reputable brands. This also provides you with back up if there is a problem with the product in the future.

Adding value to your home

As long as you don’t over invest you should be able to recoup much more than you outlay in a bathroom renovation if or when you consider selling your home. In the meantime, you get to enjoy the luxury and practicality of a modern and stylish bathroom.