Bathroom Renovation Timeline

What is the timeline for a bathroom renovation?

Bathroom before and after

A bathroom renovation specialist can complete the work in 3- 4 weeks. A DIY project may take months.  Tradespeople, including plumbers and electricians are still needed to complete compliance work on a DIY bathroom renovation.

Bathroom Renovation Steps

Strip out

A bathroom specialist would take 1-2 days. For DIY allow at least 3 full days

Structural work or Repairing Water Damage

The time will depend on the work required. All bathroom renovations have slightly different needs.

“Rough in’ of the plumbing

Plumbing is relocated if required. This can take less than a day. It is very difficult to move plumbing connections and relocate waste pipes in a concrete slab. The best idea is to avoid relocations if possible.

Plumbing work

‘Rough in’ (install) the electrical wiring

The plumbers installs new power points and light points. A licensed electrician must complete this work. Compliance certificates need to be issued. This work would take a day.

Walls and floors are prepared for tiling

The plastered is stripped and villaboard is laid ready for the tiling.


A waterproof compound is applied to the shower base and other parts of the cement sheeting. This may take up to three days. The work needs to be completed to waterproofing standards.

A built-in bath would be installed after waterproofing. A free-standing bath would be installed after the floor is tiled.

Cornice moulding would be installed next if you are not tiling to the ceiling. If tiling to the ceiling the cornice mouldings would be added after the tiling.

Tiling, grouting and painting

This would take up 2-3 days for a professional tiler and longer for an inexperienced tiler.

Laying tiles

Shower Screen

The installer will measure the shower enclosure space. The shower will be installed later.

Installation of Vanity and Storage Cabinets

This may take from 1-3 days depending on the amount of cabinetry.

Plumbing and electrical ‘fit-out’.

This would take from 1-3 days. A free-standing bath would be installed at this stage.

Final ‘Fit Out’

The shower screen, mirrors and accessories are installed.

Correcting problems arising from completing work out of order can be very costly. Changing your mind part way through the process can also delay the completion of the renovation and involve rescheduling of the tradespeople required. Contracting a specialist bathroom company takes the responsibility away from you, with all work guaranteed for 6 ½ years.