Average Cost to Renovate a Small Bathroom

Average Cost to Renovate a Small Bathroom

Most people will have had no previous experience with a bathroom renovation, therefore having information about the process, the costs involved and knowing the right questions to ask can put you in a much stronger position when making decisions about renovating this key room or rooms in your house.

Regardless of the size of the bathroom or ensuite, there are a number of integral components to the strip out and renovation process which will contribute to the final cost. These include:

  • Labour costs – A professional bathroom renovation requires the use of qualified and specialised tradespeople (carpenter, plumber, tiler, electrician). Using a specialised bathroom company such as BRM Pty Ltd means that your renovation is guaranteed for workmanship for 6 years and you are issued with certificates of compliance for the plumbing and electrical work.
  • Tiling – this is a significant component of the overall costs involved. Many clients now choose to tile from the floor to the ceiling. This creates a sleek and clean look, however, it adds significantly to the total cost. The size and type of tile (porcelain, ceramic, square edge, mosaic) can also impact the cost as some tiles are more difficult to lay.
  • Fittings – these include tapware, vanity, shower rose, bath, towel rails, toilet, shower screen. There is enormous variation in the costs of fittings. BRM clients choose their own fittings, sourced and provided at cost price. Alternately the client can choose to source and provide their own fittings. It is important to keep in mind that mid-range fittings can still provide you with a modern and expensive look to your renovation, without blowing the budget.

Is the cost significantly less for renovating a smaller bathroom?

Whilst your bathroom may be smaller in terms of overall dimensions, the costs of labour, tiling and fittings remain constant. Savings can be made with regard to choice of fittings and type and amount of tiling.

Why not complete the renovation myself or employ general tradespeople to complete the work?

This may seem like the best way to achieve a saving, however, it is less likely to achieve the desired result and could leave you in the position of having a partially completed renovation that no specialised bathroom company will want to take on. BRM Pty Ltd as a specialised bathroom completes all parts of the process from strip out to completion, guaranteeing all aspects of workmanship. The tradespeople we use, specialise in bathroom renovations and work closely together to complete the work efficiently and to a high standard.

How long does a bathroom renovation take to complete?

The average length of time from strip out to final completion is between 3-4 weeks. Completion time can be affected by such factors as amount and speciality of tiling, availability of fittings and client variations to the initial choices and plans. As BRM’s Project Manager is also the builder, he is on site overseeing all stages of the renovation and ensuring that all facets of the renovation proceed smoothly.