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How Much is a Bathroom Remodel?

Bathroom renovations generally come with quite a high price tag, but most homeowners find the endeavour to be well worth the overall investment. The average cost of one of these kinds of projects is around $17,000, but this can be dependent on a number of factors. Realistically, you could find yourself spending anywhere between $8,000 […]

How to Choose Bathroom Tiles

They’re designed to repel water, they should last for years and they can make a shocking amount of difference to the appearance of your home; so when it comes to choosing the right tiles for your bathroom, you’ll undoubtedly want to make sure that you pick the ideal ones for your needs. Although most are […]

How to Keep Bathroom Renovation Costs Down

If there’s one thing a bathroom in need of renovation will be; it’s obvious. From mould and decaying silicone, right through to crumbling grout and even leaks – if now’s the time for a bathroom reno project, you’ll likely have a particular aspect on your mind and that’s the cost. As a home owner, you’ve […]

How Much is a High End Bathroom Remodel?

In most cases, a high-end bathroom renovation in Australia is likely to come with quite a large cost; typically reaching a sum of at least $50,000. Determine your brief In most cases, spending as little as possible and getting the best results will be your key goal when renovating your bathroom. In some cases, one […]

How Long do Bathroom Renovations Take?

  Remodelling a bathroom can often be a great way to both update the look and feel of your home and increase the value of your overall property. If you are looking to remodel for resale, or if you simply want to make your current bathroom look better or become more functional; you may be […]

How Much Does a Bathroom Add to Home Value?

When it comes to renovation, one of the most popular rooms in a house to remodel is the bathroom; but why do so many people choose this part of their home? While there may be a number of reasons for wanting to upgrade, one example is that doing so can often offer a return as […]